4 popular apps that drain your tablet or smartphone the most

Some applications on a smartphone are very resource intensive and therefore drain the battery faster. And also do not forget that there are some applications that, even in the background, can strongly discharge the smartphone. Let's talk about programs that literally consume the energy of your gadget.

4 popular apps that drain your tablet or smartphone the most


With the release of Android – version 9, users increasingly began to notice that the Youtube application has become more power hungry for the battery, even if it is closed in the multitasking menu. Google says the issue has been fixed in the new Android 10 Adaptive Battery feature, and Cupertino smartphone users are advised to disable content updates in settings.

Users who have failed to update their operating system to the correct version simply need to update the application itself.


Western messenger Facebook also did not show good energy efficiency. British journalist Samuel Gibbs conducted an experiment and found that using an app in a browser on a smartphone Huawei Nexus 6P can save more than 20%, and on iPhone 6 Plus – 15%.

This is due to the large number of background updates. The problem can be solved only by disabling automatic background updates and geolocation in the smartphone settings, or by downloading an alternative in the form of Metal for Facebook, etc.


Snapchat is another app on the list that drains your battery in the background. This happens due to the fact that the application, like Facebook, actively tracks your location.

Nevertheless, battery consumption can be seriously reduced by enabling travel mode in the application settings or in the smartphone settings, preventing the application from determining your location.


One of the most controversial situations occurs with the popular online movie theater Netflix. For some users it works fine, while for others it drains the battery quickly. The cause of the problem is unknown and there is currently no solution.

Of the alternatives, users recommend: ivi.ru, divan.ru, megogo.net, tvzavr.ru, zoomby.ru, amediateka.ru, bbc.co.uk/tv, kinopoisk.ru, Yandex.Ether, okko.ru, Google Play movies, iTunes, youtube.com, premier.com, tvigle.ru, more.tv, itv.rt.ru and other online cinemas.

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