4 little-known Viber features that will open up new possibilities


One of the most popular smartphone messengers in the world is Viber – it is used by over 800 million people. However, in addition to the well-known, this application also has many useful but little-known features.

4 little-known Viber features that will open up new possibilities

Money transfers

Viber cooperates with the electronic payment service Wallet One, thanks to which users of the messenger can perform financial transactions right in the application. Such a wallet allows you to send money transfers from your bank card to other subscribers in a matter of minutes, pay for calls, replenish your personal account and make online purchases. To use the function, you need:

  • enter the program and select the 'More' item;
  • in the settings menu, click on the Viber wallet;
  • after accepting the terms of use, click 'Continue';
  • enter the code that will come in the SMS message;
  • come up with a pin code, after which registration will be completed.

In order to send money to someone, you need to enter your personal data. After that, you can transfer money without commission, pay bills, and send requests to replenish your wallet to other users of the application. You can replenish your wallet on your own using a card, Internet banking, payment terminals and e-wallets.

Create your own stickers

The messenger has the function of creating your own collection of stickers. Users can create and add their own personalized sticker packs to express their emotions while texting. One set can contain up to 25 separate images.

To create your own collection in Viber, you need to click the 'Create sticker' button, and then add the desired images from the photo gallery. Illustrations can be rotated and enlarged, added captions, decorated with emoticons, or inserted pictures. Once saved, the sticker cannot be edited. To decide if other users will be able to use the created sticker pack, their creations must be marked as 'Private' or 'Public'.

Sending your geolocation

Another useful feature in the Viber application is the ability to share data about your location with other users both through a separate message and by activating geolocation on an ongoing basis: then the coordinates will be attached to each message during correspondence.

To activate you need:

  • open a chat with the user you need;
  • at the bottom select the button for additional functions '…' and click on it;
  • select 'Send location' in the proposed menu;
  • on the map that appears, check if the coordinates are correct and, if necessary, make adjustments;
  • click on the 'Submit' button.

With Viber, you can not only share your geolocation, but also find out the location of another person. To do this, it is necessary that the function of determining geodata is always enabled on his mobile device.

To activate you need:

  • in the 'Settings' select 'Privacy';
  • in the menu that appears, select 'Personal data' and put a tick in the 'Use geolocation' tab;
  • after that, open a chat with a contact whose geolocation you need to find out;
  • in the upper corner, click on the sign in the form of three vertical dots and select 'Information';
  • scroll the feed to 'Location', allowing you to send geotagged messages.

Now all messages of this subscriber on Viber will come with a mark about his location.

Chat that self destructs

Another interesting feature of this messenger is the 'Secret Chat'. It makes it possible to communicate without worrying that strangers will see the correspondence. All messages sent in this way are automatically deleted after a set period of time. In such chats, an additional encryption method is used, and after the destruction of the chat, all correspondence with the subscriber will be deleted.

The user has the ability to independently set a timer to destroy correspondence lasting from 1 second to a week. Messages sent in Secret Chat cannot be forwarded to other users. Also in the Viber settings it is possible to set a ban on screenshots (it will be impossible to take a picture of the correspondence). If this function is not activated, then chat participants will receive notifications about screenshots of this correspondence.

To create a 'Secret chat' you need to open a dialog box and, by clicking on the name of the required subscriber, in the additional menu that opens, select the 'Switch to secret chat' function.

You can also create a group of several people:

  • in the dialogs section, click on the '+' sign and select 'Create secret chat';
  • mark the required subscribers from the list of contacts;
  • click on the check mark at the top of the screen.

In order for the chat to become secret, the user needs to enter a pin code consisting of 4 digits. After that, all chat participants will have access to the correspondence after entering the password.

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