3D Realms is working on a game on the Quake engine


The Russian publishing house '1C' will help the American company create a new project.

The two companies are now collaborating to publish the shooter Ion Maiden next year: the PC version is being handled by 3D Realms (the game has been available on Steam for several months as part of Early Access), and '1C' will release it for consoles.

It is noteworthy that Ion Maiden uses the Build engine, on which perhaps the most famous 3D Realms game, Duke Nukem 3D, was released in 1996. And now the company is going to take as a basis another engine of that time – Quake engine, developed by their then competitor id Software.

Like all the aforementioned titles, the new game will be a first-person shooter, but, unfortunately, there is no more information about the upcoming project.

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