3 tips to save time on the Internet

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To find the information they need, everyone, without exception, uses a browser. It turns out that the developers did everything possible to make the work with the sites convenient. Let's get acquainted with such useful functions that only advanced users know about.

3 tips to save time on the Internet

Instant jump to the address bar

A simple and necessary combination for those who need to simultaneously work with a large number of links and quickly find new ones.

Simultaneous pressing of the 'Ctrl' and 'L' keys will allow you to go to the address line without using the mouse.

The same function is performed by the 'hot' keys of the browser in which the user is working.

If you prefer Google Chrome, then F6 will instantly return to the address bar.

Opera fans can use the F8 key.

The function of navigating to the address bar is also available in the browsers Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, only here it is called with the F4 button.

Auto add '.com' and 'www.'

Another trick for quickly accessing an internet source.

Type in the name of the site you want, for example google, and at the end just press 'Ctrl + Enter' and the process of writing the URL will be shortened. The browser itself add 'www.' and '.com', you get 'www.google.com'.

This feature saves several seconds of working time.

Quick selection of tabs

A large number of open tabs is necessary for work, but does not save time at all.

Hotkeys will help you work with active tabs.

The 'Ctrl + Tab' keyboard shortcut will help you move sequentially from left to right between tabs and choose the one you need. Moving from right to left is performed by simultaneously pressing 'Ctrl + Shift + Tab'.

If you know exactly the number of the window you want to view, use the combination 'Ctrl' + the number corresponding to the tab number. And 'Ctrl + 9' will ensure the transition to the last tab, regardless of their number.

A quick way to close the active window is to use the 'Ctrl + W' hotkeys, and open a new one – 'Ctrl + T'.

Now you can easily manage the browser and pages without using a mouse, and, accordingly, increase your productivity on the Internet.

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