3 reasons to remove Google services from your smartphone


Surveys conducted among users Android clearly showed that two-thirds of their owners are ready to abandon Google services and replace them with alternative options. Moreover, one sixth of the respondents said that they remove the pre-installed software immediately after purchasing a new mobile device. Here are three reasons why you should really uninstall Google services.

3 reasons to remove Google services from your smartphone

Increased battery consumption

The battery in a smartphone is its 'heart', at least if it is quickly discharged, then its activity stops. Although manufacturers increase the capacity of batteries for gadgets, with active use, it lasts a maximum of a day. And the resources of modern batteries are quite short-lived.

This problem is partly solved by removing Google services. They take a fifth of the battery's charging power. You've probably noticed how constant notifications about their update pop up, in addition, they are also engaged in constant 'refreshing' of the location data of the owner of the smartphone. That is, it turns out that even when your device is on the sidelines and you are not using it, Google services remove 20% of the charge for their own purposes.

You can save the charge by disabling these services, but some gadget owners solve this issue radically – they completely remove all software. It is empirically proven that even after turning off all utilities, the battery lives one third longer. Another fundamental plus for budget models is that disabling services frees up the amount of RAM and physical memory. And then the phone starts to practically 'fly'.

Violation of privacy

Have you ever wondered at least once how Google services make money if the company provides them for free for smartphone owners? That's right, advertising is about your data. Contrary to popular belief, the American company does not sell the data obtained. However, it slowly collects statistics about you: the time the phone was turned on, your searches, where you visited on a specific day and time.

Putting it all together, the service launches advertising that most accurately affects your range of interests. And then, every time you open any of the utilities, it fires a targeted banner and starts, as it were, casually offering certain goods and services that you were looking for because you had nothing to do. So the lack of privacy is another good reason to remove Google services.

Imposed presence

Finally, the last reason to uninstall Google is because it feels like you're not the only boss on your smartphone. It's like moving into a new home with decoration – you want to arrange everything for yourself, but you are offered a ready-made solution that does not always suit a new tenant. And then the alteration process begins, although it would be possible to solve everything differently and not purchase the decoration. But who knew that everything would happen that way.

The same principles are followed by the owners of smartphones on Android when they find a lot of useless utilities on their mobile devices. They begin to actively clean them up and all the 'garbage' they bring: some do it selectively, and some just completely demolish the software. It is much more pleasant to have a gadget with customized functionality.

Based on the foregoing, we conclude that there are three good reasons to 'demolish' Google software from your smartphone. This is an uneconomical consumption of battery power, compromised privacy and the imposition of someone else's vision of the internal content of the gadget. But if you are going to completely remove the service, first find a worthy replacement for it.

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