3 keyboard buttons that hardly ever use: why are they needed

On modern computers there are buttons, the meaning of which only IT-shniki know about. If you click on them, then no visible changes in the operation of the device occur. Maybe they have some secret functions – let's figure it out.

Scroll Lock

3 keyboard buttons that hardly ever use: why are they needed

The name of this key comes from two English words. 'Scroll' is the scroll and 'lock' is the block. Most often it is located next to other control buttons on the keyboard – near the Backspace. On a laptop, Scroll Lock often does not have a separate key; it shares it with the Fn button.

Initially, the button was supposed to block the scrolling of pages using arrows. But in this capacity, no one uses it. Today this key is included in various combinations of buttons. The most successful use of Scroll Lock right now is using Excel in a program Microsoft. If you block scrolling, the arrow keys simply move the screen in the desired direction, but the selected cell remains the same.


3 keyboard buttons that hardly ever use: why are they needed

From English the name Insert is translated as 'insert'. Most often it is located in the upper right part of the keyboard.

The key is able to control various modes of inserting text that you type in the editor. For example, you put your cursor over some part of your text and keep typing. When the Insert key is pressed, everything after the cursor will be replaced with new text. If the button is off, the text will appear between the existing pieces. This feature is very handy for bug fixing. And the Shift + Insert combination performs the same task as Ctrl + V. If during the creation of the text you forgot to turn off Insert, then you can accidentally delete the necessary part of the text. It's better to be careful when working.


3 keyboard buttons that hardly ever use: why are they needed

Tab comes from the word 'tabulation', which translates to tabulation. The key performs the function of moving the cursor in texts to the level of one tabulation. Most often these are eight spaces.

Also, using Tab, you can move from one parameter to another on the pages on the Internet, if you do not want to pick up a mouse.

There are also enough combinations with this key. For example, Alt + Tab will help you switch windows. If you press this combination, you can see which applications are running.

Ctrl + Tab will help if you are using the Chrome browser. You can quickly switch tabs.

Shift + Tab – very similar to the previous combination, only rotates attachments in the opposite direction.

Win + Tab – path to the taskbar in Windows 10. One click and you are there.

It turns out that modern keyboards are fraught with mysteries. If you master the less popular buttons, you can speed up your work on a PC and discover several new features. Scroll Lock, Insert, Tab are undeservedly neglected buttons that are ready to help you every day.

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