3 common actions that are harmful to computer technology

There are quite a few operating errors that negatively affect laptops. Now we will talk about the most underestimated of them, which are slowly but surely killing equipment.

3 common actions that are harmful to computer technology

Carrying the laptop by the display

The screen is very fragile, so you cannot lift the laptop while holding on to it. Repairing such a breakdown will cost at least a third of the original cost of the entire device.

Application for cleaning screens with non-specialized products

The display care can be dry or wet. However, even for such a simple action, there are some recommendations that are often ignored, thereby contributing to the development of various faults. Dry cleaning should be done with a microfiber cloth – this is an ideal tool if you need to wipe dust off the matrix. Avoid using paper towels, rough materials – they will scratch the glossy surface.

Things are a little more complicated with wet care. It is tempting to use a product that is at hand, but not intended for cleaning the matrix. Dishwashing detergents, car shampoos, and even wet wipes have a composition that has a detrimental effect on the display. Refrain from using alcohol-based liquids – they remove the anti-reflective layer. The right choice for wet cleaning – special cleaning fluids for displays. Fortunately, they are sold in every electronics store.

Full battery discharge

There is a myth that you need to discharge the batteries to the end, otherwise they will quickly lose their capacity. This was true of the long-standing nickel-cadmium batteries that really required this approach. Nowadays, gadgets use lithium-ion batteries. Frequent discharge to zero will reduce the capacity of these batteries significantly. It is recommended to charge lithium-ion batteries with at least 10-20 percent charge – this way they will last a long time.

By following these simple but useful guidelines, you can extend the life of your electronics for years to come.

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