2 apps on your phone to find hidden cameras indoors

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If you are afraid that someone is watching you, you should not panic. You can easily check this by using the dedicated hidden camera detection app for your smartphone. These services allow you to discover electronic devices around you.

2 apps on your phone to find hidden cameras indoors

Tiny SVR Came: Anti SVR Hidden Surveillance Finder

2 apps on your phone to find hidden cameras indoors

Tiny SVR Came: Anti SVR Hidden Surveillance Finder is the first app on our list. Its trick can be called a guide to each type of room where devices could be located.

For example, in the bathroom, you should look in the mirror, ventilation, under the shower and small items like a hair dryer. For the application to work correctly on all devices, the option to change the camera sensitivity is assumed here. Here you will find a magnetometer and an infrared camera for detecting white light.

In order for Tiny SVR Came to work, you need to grant some permissions after downloading.

Most of the reviews have a positive rating, and if there are negative comments, then the user does not indicate that he did not like it. The app is free and lightweight, so I think if you have any suspicions about anything, you could give it a try.

Hidden Camera Detector App

2 apps on your phone to find hidden cameras indoors

Hidden Camera Detector App is the second utility that supports both IOS and Android.

The work is carried out in the same way as in the previous program. It is free and can be purchased on Google play and the App store.

The instructions for use seemed to me quite simple, you need to turn on the application and point the camera as close as possible to the device that is suspicious, this will increase the accuracy. This camera uses electromagnetic fields, sound signals and infrared light to detect unwanted devices. If spyware is detected, you will see a value greater than 100.

As we already know from the films, hidden cameras can be located where you least suspect, and even in this moment the application helps us, it has a larger viewing angle of the room, and you just have to not miss the signal.

To start using, some permissions are required, and more specifically, consent to find the location, to access photos and videos, as well as data on the WI-FI connection.

Hidden Camera Detector App inspires confidence because it has a large number of positive reviews and over one million installations.

Of course, like everything else, there are disadvantages here. For example, triggering on metal, but the developers helped with this issue and answered that it is necessary to calibrate the sensitivity of the magnetometer in the range from 60-80.

Camera detected: what to do?

You checked the room several times, looked into the corners, looked through all the ventilation and now the sensor shows that a tracking device has been detected.

The first step is to notify the administration of the incident. It would also be the right decision to contact law enforcement agencies.

Another solution to the problem can be called sticking the lens through which the shooting takes place. The only danger in implementing these recommendations is that the attacker will know what you are doing.

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