2 antiviruses on one computer: how to install? [solution options]

how-to-install-2-antivirus-on-computer Hello.

The number of viruses has long been in the tens of thousands, and every day they just arrive in their regiment. It is not surprising that many users no longer believe in the anti-virus database of any one program, asking themselves the question: 'how to install two anti-viruses on a computer ..?'.

To be honest, such questions are sometimes asked to me. I would like to present my thoughts on this issue in this short note.

A few words, why you can't install 2 antiviruses “without any tricks” …

In general, it is unlikely that you can take and install two antiviruses in Windows (since most modern antiviruses during installation check whether another antivirus program is already installed on the PC and warns you about this, sometimes just by mistake).

If 2 anti-viruses were installed, then it is possible that the computer will start:

– slow down (because a 'double' check will be created);

– conflicts and errors (one antivirus will control the other, it is possible that messages will appear with recommendations to remove one or another antivirus);

– the appearance of the so-called blue screen is possible – https://pcpro100.info/siniy-ekran-smerti-chto-delat/;

– the computer may simply freeze and stop responding to mouse and keyboard movements.

In this case, you need to boot into safe mode (link to the article: https://pcpro100.info/bezopasnyiy-rezhim/) and remove one of the antiviruses.

Option number 1. Installing a full-fledged antivirus + curing utility that does not require installation (for example, Cureit)

One of the best and most optimal options (in my opinion) is to install one full-fledged antivirus (for example, Avast, Panda, AVG, Kasperskiy, etc. – https://pcpro100.info/luchshie-antivirusyi-2016/) and regularly update it.

Figure:  1. Disable Avast antivirus to check the disk with another antivirus

Figure: 1. Disable Avast antivirus to check the disk with another antivirus

In addition to the basic antivirus, you can store various healing utilities and programs on your hard disk or flash drive that do not need to be installed. Thus, when suspicious files appear (or just from time to time), you can quickly check your computer with a second antivirus.

By the way, before launching such curing utilities, you need to turn off the main antivirus – see Fig. 1.

Healing utilities that do not need installation

1) Dr.Web CureIt!

Official website: http://www.freedrweb.ru/cureit/

2015-06-28 18_32_40-Dr.Web CureIt

Probably one of the most famous utilities. The utility does not need to be installed, it allows you to quickly check your computer for viruses with the latest databases on the day the program is downloaded. Free for home use.

2) AVZ

Official website: http://z-oleg.com/secur/avz/download.php

2015-06-28 18_43_58-Antivirus 2015

An excellent utility that helps not only clean your computer of viruses and malware, but also restore access to the registry (if it was blocked), restore Windows, the hosts file (useful for network problems or viruses blocking popular sites ), eliminate threats and incorrect settings Windows by default.

In general, I recommend it for mandatory use!

3) Online scanners

I also recommend that you turn your attention to the ability to scan your computer for viruses online. In most cases, you do not need to remove the main antivirus (just disable it for a while): https://pcpro100.info/kak-proverit-kompyuter-na-virusyi-onlayn/

Option number 2. Installation of 2 operating systems Windows for 2 antiviruses

Another way to have 2 antiviruses on one computer (without conflicts and failures) is to install a second operating system.

For example, in most cases the hard drive of a home PC is divided into 2 parts: the system drive 'C: \' and the local drive 'D: \'. So, on the system drive 'C: \', suppose Windows 7 and antivirus AVG are already installed.

To get the Avast antivirus for this, you can install another one Windows on the second local disk and install the second antivirus in it (sorry for the tautology). In fig. 2 everything is shown more clearly.

Figure:  2. Installation of two Windows: XP and 7 (for example).

Figure: 2. Installation of two Windows: XP and 7 (for example).

Naturally, at the same time you will have only one OS Windows running with one antivirus. But if doubts crept in and you need to quickly check your computer, then you rebooted your PC: chose another OS Windows with another antivirus and booted up – checked your computer!


Installation Windows 7 from a USB flash drive: https://pcpro100.info/ustanovka-windows-7-s-fleshki/

Dispelling myths….

No antivirus guarantees 100% virus protection! And if you have 2 antiviruses on your computer, it will also not give any guarantees against infection.

Regular backup of important files, updating antivirus, deleting suspicious letters and files, using programs and games from official sites – if they do not guarantee, then they minimize the risk of losing information.


I have everything on the topic of the article. If anyone has more options for installing 2 antiviruses on a PC, it would be interesting to hear them. Good luck!

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