10 useful Youtube features for all occasions

Millions of people are active YouTube users. The described video hosting is endowed with a large number of tools that make working with it more convenient. But the service also contains some hidden features. We offer a selection of useful features that can greatly simplify the life of a video blogger.

Turn on dark theme

The above feature is very useful and appeared quite recently:

  • in the browser version, the background is subject to adjustment in the settings under the avatar;
  • users iOS and Android must select the gear icon and click on the switch in the 'Night mode' section.

Note. On Pixel 3 smartphones, in power saving mode, this feature is turned on automatically or a notification appears advising you to activate it.

YouTube dark theme

Adjust your browsing history

Videos of the same topic influence the highlighted recommendations offered by YouTube. If, for example, you are fond of sports news, then the service will advise you to learn about events in the world of sports every day.

You can adjust the recommended video by clearing your browsing history.

Go to the options (on iOS: avatar icon – 'Settings'; on Android: 'Settings' – 'History and privacy') and click on 'Clear browsing history'.

Also, you can delete not all videos in general from history, but only individual videos. In the heading on the left, select the 'History' section and click on the cross next to the video you want to delete.

Adjusting your YouTube browsing history

Turn off notifications

Due to the continuous notifications from Youtube, you may not notice any really important information on your smartphone.

Log in to the options and block all notifications. If you use the operating system Android, then the application will periodically ask you to return notifications back.

Setting up YouTube notifications

Use an alternative version

YouTube has launched a new commercial service that broadcasts over 60 live TV programs. It was named YouTube TV.

First of all, this alternative version was developed for TV, but it can be used on personal computers as well.


Share video in chat

It is much easier to send videos to the built-in chat of the application than to send through other software. When you click on the 'Share' button below the video, select a friend from the list of avatars offered at the top. Thus, the video you need will appear in a dialogue with a specific YouTube user.

Repost YouTube videos in chat

Save traffic

A very useful feature if mobile traffic is limited. Save it by changing some settings. Disable HD playback when watching videos on YouTube.

On Android this can be done by setting in the items 'General' – 'Save traffic'.

For users iPhone there is a special Tubex application in the AppStore. In it, you can select the default video resolution, both for Wi-Fi and for mobile Internet.

Use video transcript

YouTube users are not always able to make out all the words used in videos. This is especially true when viewing records in a foreign language.

For this reason, most YouTube videos have transcripts. Some of them are created automatically, and the rest of the array is written by users.

In the interface, click on the three dots and select 'View video transcript'.

The transcripts coincide with the time period on the video, which makes it easy to understand where exactly to read the illegible phrases.

YouTube video transcript

Hide your likes from everyone

A useful feature if the user does not want to advertise their interests. If using the browser version, enter the settings and go to the 'Privacy' section.

In it, specify the names of those elements that you want to hide: likes, playlists and subscriptions.

YouTube channel settings

Share video from set time

Some videos uploaded to YouTube can take several hours. There are two ways to share the most important part of them:

  1. By right-clicking on the entry and selecting the 'Copy time-based video URL' function.
  2. By pressing Ctrl + mouse button.

Rewind the video to the minute and second you need, and then use one of the above methods.

YouTube video watch time

Find your favorite musician's page

Enter a pound sign and write the name of the band whose discography you want to get. Albums will open in front of you, organized into playlists and sections. This will allow a comprehensive study of the work of most performers.

YouTube playlists

At first glance, the uncomplicated YouTube service hides in itself many interesting features that can be useful in working with this video hosting. Try each one and optimize your experience with this app.

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