10 most popular free antiviruses: are they really good

On the Internet, you can find the opinion that free antiviruses from popular developers can protect your PC as well as expensive solutions. Let's take a look at the top 10 popular web security products and see if they are really great.

10 most popular free antiviruses: are they really good

Avast Free Antivirus

An effective free antivirus against all types of malware. The structure includes several protection components:

  • antivirus / antispyware module;
  • scanner with several analysis modes – checking for viruses, home network security, and more;
  • HTTPS scanner;
  • emergency disk;
  • home network security;
  • web browser cleaner;
  • password manager;
  • updated virus databases;
  • analyzer of files, programs and processes on a computer in real time;
  • email scanner.

Disadvantages of Avast Free Antivirus:

  • suitable for home use only;
  • periodically requires the user to register for free.

Panda Security Free Antivirus

A simple option with automatic blocking and destruction of all types of malicious code. Panda Antivirus consists of several modules – AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, AntiPhishing, AntiRootkit. Program parameters and features:

  • auto-detection and removal of all types of viruses;
  • spyware protection;
  • protection against online fraud;
  • preventing access to potentially dangerous sites;
  • anti-rootkit;
  • auto-updates;
  • personal firewall of the wireless network;
  • virtual keyboard for entering passwords in safe mode;
  • sandbox function for safe Internet browsing;
  • game / multimedia mode.

Disadvantages of Panda Security Free Antivirus:

  • short test period – 30 days;
  • users noted conflicts with other security programs.

Comodo Internet Security

Free tool for comprehensive computer protection. Combines modules Comodo AntiVirus, Comodo Firewall, Comodo Defense +. Main application parameters:

  • detection, blocking and destruction of viruses;
  • proactive protection mode;
  • heuristic analysis;
  • Internet attack protection module;
  • auto-update of virus databases;
  • buffer overflow protection;
  • blocking unauthorized access;
  • protection of system files and registry from intrusion;
  • quarantine;
  • sandbox function;
  • monitoring running programs, blocking potentially dangerous operations;
  • scan scheduling option;
  • ThreatCast recommendation system with information about the actions of other PC users.


  • relatively weak signature bases;
  • rather complicated setup.

Tencent PC Manager

An antivirus product that can reliably protect your PC from all kinds of threats, including those from the Internet. The program is based on three powerful platforms – Tencent, TCloud, Avira, providing cloud, proactive and local protection in real time. Key features of the program:

  • use of cloud technologies (Tencent Cloud) to analyze suspicious files;
  • notifying the user of potential risks from the cloud;
  • built-in tool for fixing and restoring a system infected with a virus code (System Repair Enqine);
  • web protection against malicious sites, phishing, downloading of viral content;
  • support for popular web browsers;
  • intuitive interface with many settings;
  • three scanning options – fast, full, selective;
  • quarantine and whitelist;
  • a log with the results of checks;
  • regular updating of virus databases.


  • poor quality translation;
  • lack of support for the international version of the program.

AVG Antivirus Free

A popular free solution that includes many tools for timely and high-quality PC protection against threats. AVG Antivirus Free has powerful features:

  • anti-virus and anti-spyware modules – work with most types of threats;
  • anti-rootkit block – finds rootkits in the system;
  • scanner – scans all files in the background in real time;
  • personal data protection – prevents the theft of usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.
  • email scanning module – works with all email clients;
  • internet protection block – controls internet surfing;
  • PC analyzer – detects problems in the registry, fragmented and junk files, etc.
  • there is a constant update of the virus databases.


  • Help sometimes does not load well (based on user reviews);
  • some objects from quarantine cannot be restored;
  • there is no 'Boosted Mode' like the paid version.

Adaware Antivirus Free

A powerful free product for complete protection of your computer from threats. The application has the following features:

  • Bitdefender technology and AdAware antispyware – data protection, blocking ads and dangerous sites, preventing attacks by fraudsters, Trojans, dialers, malware, 'interceptors' and other dangerous components in real time;
  • regular updating of virus databases;
  • blocking unwanted programs, malicious processes, infected files, attempts to modify the registry, etc.
  • advanced network protection;
  • secure file upload module;
  • support for popular web browsers;
  • game protection module;
  • intuitive graphical interface.

Disadvantages of Adaware Antivirus Free:

  • some options are not available in the free version;
  • low speed of downloading anti-virus databases.

Kaspersky Free

Free antivirus from Kaspersky Lab. Comprehensive protection against many types of threats. Functionality of the program:

  • personal data protection unit – passwords, usernames, other registration data, account numbers, bank cards;
  • separate protection components with independent activation / deactivation and adjustment;
  • file and mail antivirus;
  • web protection;
  • extension of Kaspersky Protection for working with the Internet;
  • IM antivirus – work with IM clients;
  • anti-phishing module;
  • screen keyboard.

Disadvantages of Kaspersky Free:

  • incomplete protection, including the absence of a network FireWall;
  • no parental control option;
  • high consumption of computer resources.

Bitdefender Free

Free software for detecting and removing all kinds of viruses. Components and Features:

  • antivirus scanner;
  • scheduler module;
  • auto-update of anti-virus databases;
  • quarantine block;
  • journal with reports;
  • Removal Tools utility for removing the most dangerous viruses (downloaded separately).


  • very few settings;
  • no Russian language support.

Avira Free Antivirus and Avira Free Security Suite

Programs for detecting and removing viruses, Trojans and other 'malware'. Capabilities:

  • constant monitoring of the system;
  • support for auto-update of databases;
  • web filtering;
  • anonymizer Avira Phantom VPN;
  • password manager;
  • optimization and tuning tools.


  • low scan speed on demand;
  • low scanning speed in real time;
  • web protection is available only in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox;
  • the tests showed a low anti-phishing result.

360 Total Security

A powerful product for protecting your computer from all kinds of threats and unwanted programs. There are additional options for optimizing and cleaning the system. Application functionality:

  • united five platforms (Avira, Bitdefender, QVM II, cloud 360 Cloud, System Repair);
  • proactive protection and security;
  • several types of checks – fast, complete, selective;
  • system optimization function;
  • 'sandbox' Sandbox.


  • advertising banners appear periodically;
  • low speed of work in the selective scan mode.

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