10 models of wireless headphones that can be ordered on Aliexpress

If you are tired of the constant fiddling with wires and want to enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere, then it's time to think about buying high-quality wireless headphones. And not to overpay for them will help our review of the best wireless headphones from Aliexpress.

10. Moloke IP011 – 600 rubles

Headphones Moloke IP011

One of the most budgetary models on the market today, which, however, has a high build quality and reliability. The battery life is 2-4 hours, there are buttons for changing the volume and navigating through audio files.

9. Leiling KST-900 – 1,000 rubles

Headphones Leiling KST-900

Comfortable, over-ear headphones with a smart design and five function buttons. Equipped with a noise reduction system.

8. Bluedio H + – 1,500 rubles

Headphones Bluedio H +

The Chinese brand Bluedio has long enjoyed well-deserved popularity. The new H + model is interesting not only for its modest price, but also for its excellent ergonomics combined with a stylish appearance. According to the manufacturers, the battery life reaches 40 hours.

7. Aibesser OY712 – 1,700 rubles

Wireless headphones Aibesser OY712

Thanks to the glossy body with leather inserts, comfortable ear pads and a capacious battery, these headphones are equally good for home, work and sports.

6. USAMS LH-001 – 1,800 rubles

USAMS LH-001 Wireless Headphones

An example of retro style, in which metal and leather prevail. A two-hour charge will give the headphones 5-8 hours of continuous use, and great sound quality is achieved through a wide frequency range.

5. Azexi Air-66 – 2,300 rubles

Wireless headphones with Aliexpress Azexi Air-66

The miniature liner from Azexi is the perfect solution for active people. High sensitivity, deep, rich sound and up to 2.5 hours of battery life are not bad indicators for such a compact model.

4. Bluedio F2 – 3 300 rubles

Bluedio F2 Wireless Headphones

Thanks to the anatomical shape of the ear cushions, Bluedio F2 does not tire your ears, allowing you to watch movies, play or enjoy your favorite music for hours on end. The latest titanium speakers offer incredible audio range and a large battery for 16 hours of continuous use.

3. Moxom MOX-23 – 3 800 rubles

Moxom MOX-23 wireless headphones

These earbuds are rain, snow and dust resistant and are well protected from drops and bumps. New ergonomic archwires provide a secure fit without stress on the auricle. Battery life – up to 10 hours.

2. Cowin E-7 – 4000 rubles

Cowin E-7 Wireless Headphones

Solid, large and, at the same time, fairly lightweight Cowin headphones completely isolate you from extraneous noise, allowing you to immerse yourself in a world of deep, 'live' sound. The operating time from the built-in battery reaches 30 hours.

1. Huhd HW-S2 – 4,700 rubles

Huhd HW-S2 Wireless Headphones

Despite the fact that the target audience of the model is, first of all, gamers, it is also suitable for demanding music lovers. Stylish, slightly aggressive design, comfortable shape, high-quality assembly, support for the latest communication technologies, twelve-hour battery life and LED backlighting are just some of the advantages of Huhd HW-S2.

We hope we have managed to cover all the varieties of wireless headphones you are interested in. We wish you happy shopping.

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