10 major victories and failures Microsoft in the entire history of the company

Now it is hard to believe that once only three people worked in the company Microsoft, and the annual turnover of the future giant was equal to 16 thousand dollars. Today, there are tens of thousands of employees and billions of net profits. Failures and victories Microsoft helped to achieve this, which were in more than forty years of the company. Failures helped to collect and deliver a fantastic new product. Victories – forced not to lower the bar on the way forward.

Failures and wins Microsoft

The most striking achievements and failures are in the top 10 important moments in history Microsoft.

Victory: Windows XP

Windows XP

Windows XP – a system in which they tried to combine two previously existing independently, the W9x and NT lines

Users liked this operating system so much that it was able to maintain its leadership for a whole decade. Its release took place in October 2001. In just five years, the company has sold over 400 million copies. The secret of this success was:

  • not the highest system requirements of the OS;
  • ability to provide high performance;
  • a large number of configurations.

The program has been released in several flavors – both for businesses and for home use. It has significantly improved (in comparison with its predecessor programs) interface, compatibility with old programs, the 'remote assistant' function has appeared. In addition, File Explorer Windows now has the ability to support digital photo and audio files.

Failure: Windows Vista

Windows Vista

At the time of development, the operating system Windows Vista was codenamed 'Longhorn'

The company spent a full five years developing this operating system, and the result was by 2006 a product that was criticized for clumsiness and high cost. So, some of the operations that were performed during the meeting in Windows XP took a little more time in the new system, and sometimes they were even carried out with a delay. In addition, Windows Vista was criticized for its incompatibility with a number of old software and the overly long process of installing updates on the home version of the OS.

Victory: Office 365

Office 365

Office 365 for business subscription includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook email

The company launched this online service in 2011. On the basis of a subscription fee, users were able to purchase and pay for an office suite, including:

  • electronic mailbox;
  • business card site with an easy-to-manage page builder;
  • access to applications;
  • the ability to use cloud storage (where the user could place up to 1 terabyte of data).

Failure: Windows ME

Windows ME

Windows Millennium Edition is an improved version Windows 98, not a new operating system

Extremely unstable work – that's what users remember about this system, released in 2000. Also, the 'operating system' (by the way, the last of the family Windows) was criticized for its unreliability, frequent freezes, the possibility of accidentally restoring viruses from the 'Recycle Bin' and the need for regular 'crash' shutdowns.

The authoritative edition of PC World even proposed a new decoding of the ME abbreviation – 'mistake edition', which translates into Russian as 'erroneous edition'. Although actually ME, of course, stands for Millennium Edition.

Victory: Xbox


Many had doubts if the Xbox could compete well with the popular Sony PlayStation

In 2001, the company managed to quite clearly declare itself on the gaming console market. The development of the Xbox was the first exclusively in-house innovation of this plan for Microsoft (after a similar project implemented in collaboration with SEGA). At first, it was unclear whether the Xbox would be able to compete with such a competitor as Sony PlayStation. However, everything worked out, and the set-top boxes for quite a long time divided the market almost equally.

Failure: Internet Explorer 6

Internet Explorer 6

Internet Explorer 6, an older generation browser, is unable to display most sites correctly

The sixth version of the browser from Microsoft was included in Windows XP. The creators have improved a number of points – increased control of the content and made the interface more effective. However, all this faded against the background of computer security problems that manifested themselves almost immediately after the release of the new product in 2001. Many well-known companies have defiantly refused to use the browser. Moreover, Google went for it after the attack, which was carried out against it using security holes in Internet Explorer 6.

Victory: Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface allows you to perceive and process multiple touches at the same time at different points on the screen, 'understands' natural gestures and is able to recognize objects placed on the surface

In 2012, the company presented its answer iPad – a series of Surface devices made in four editions. Users immediately appreciated the excellent characteristics of the new product. For example, charging the device was enough for the user to watch the video for 8 hours without interruption. And on the display it was impossible to distinguish individual pixels, provided that the person held it at a distance of 43 cm from the eyes. At the same time, the weak point of the devices was the limited selection of applications.

Failure: Kin

Kin phone

Kin run on their own OS

A mobile designed specifically for social networking – this gadget from Microsoft appeared in 2010. The developers tried to make it as convenient as possible for the user to stay in touch with his friends in all accounts: messages from them were collected together and displayed together on the home screen. However, users were not very impressed with this option. Sales of the device turned out to be extremely low, and production of the Kin had to be closed.

Victory: MS-DOS


In modern operating systems Windows, the command line is used to work with DOS commands

Nowadays, the 1981 operating system MS-DOS is perceived by many as 'hello from the distant past'. But this is not at all the case. It was used relatively recently, literally until the mid-90s. It is still used successfully on some devices.

By the way, in 2015 the company Microsoft released a comic application MS-DOS Mobile, which outwardly completely copied the old system, although it did not support most of the former functions.

Failure: Zune

Zune media player

The Zune player features built-in Wi-Fi and 30GB hard drive

One of the annoying failures of the company can be considered the release of the portable media player Zune. Moreover, this failure was associated not with technical characteristics, but with an extremely unfortunate moment for launching such a project. The company launched it in 2006, a few years after the Apple iPod, which was not just difficult to compete with, but unrealistic.

Companies Microsoft – 43 years old. And we can say for sure that this time has passed for her not in vain. And the company's victories, of which there were clearly more than failures, are confirmation of this.

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