10 Google Chrome Features on Android You May Not Know About

If you are accustomed to using the Google Chrome browser on a smartphone with Android, you will be surprised what features, which you might not have guessed, are hidden in it.

10 Google Chrome Features on Android You May Not Know About

How to mute website sound in Google Chrome

If the automatically included sound of advertisements on some resources annoys you, then you can turn it off. To do this, go to the menu, open the 'Site Settings' and 'Sound'. Here you need to make the switch “Allow sites to play sounds” inactive. You can also add exceptions, i.e. the sources from which the musical accompaniment will be played.

Saving site pages

In order for a certain page to be available even offline, you need to open it and go to 'Download when connected to the Internet' (this link is active when there is no network access). Once connected, the browser will download it automatically and it will be available offline.

Getting notifications Facebook and Twitter in Google Chrome

If you do not want applications Facebook and Twitter to take up space in the phone's memory, then the browser can be configured so that notifications from social networks will come in it.

To activate this feature, go to Facebook settings, then 'Account Settings' – 'Notifications' and 'Enable'.

For Twitter open its settings, find Push notifications and enable them.

Fast tab switching

To use this option, scroll the tabs to the right or left in the address bar. You can also swipe down. In this case, a complete list of open resources will be available.

Quickly close Google Chrome tabs

Click on the tabs icon to see the entire list of open sites. Now click Close All Tabs from the menu. It is convenient if you have a large number of resources open and you need to close all of them.

How to disable or enable notifications on the site

10 Google Chrome Features on Android You May Not Know About

If you agreed to receive notifications from any resource, and then change your mind, you can unsubscribe. You need to go to settings, then 'Notifications', select 'From sites' and disable notifications.

How to add or remove a home button in a browser

If you need a Home button, but you don't have it, then load it using the link 'chrome: // flags / # force-enable-home-page-button', select 'Enabled' and reload the browser 2 times. The button is now available. To set the page that opens when you click it, go to 'Settings', then 'Home page' and 'Open this page'.

If you need to remove the 'Home', open the 'Home' page and set the switch to the inactive position.

How to save a website as PDF

Open the required resource, select 'Share', then 'Print' in 'Send Method'. Select 'Save as PDF' as the printer. Now all that remains is to click on the icon that appears, and the site is downloaded.

How to enlarge text on any site

If the font size is small, you can increase it. This is activated in the browser menu: 'Accessibility', 'Force zoom'.

Searching a page in Google Chrome

To find the information you need on an open resource, use the special function 'Find on page' in the browser menu. After that, enter the text you are interested in in the input field and click on the down or up arrow until you find the desired material.

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