10 best portable speakers from Aliexpress

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other 'smart' gadgets have a lot of possibilities, but due to their small size they are completely unsuitable for listening to music other than through headphones. The built-in speakers are too small to provide high quality, clear and loud sound. The solution to the problem can be portable speakers, which in no way detract from the mobility and autonomy of the device. To make it easier for you to navigate the models on the modern market, we have prepared a rating of the best portable speakers from Aliexpress.

10. TiYiViRi X6U – 550 rubles

Portable speaker TiYiViRi X6U with Aliexpress

Despite its modest dimensions, this column develops a power of 3 W, has slots for memory cards and flash drives, and can work wirelessly Bluetooth. In addition, the low price and stylish design contribute to the popularity of the model.

9. Rombica Mysound BT-08 – 800 rubles

Portable speaker Rombica Mysound BT-08

Bluetooth – The BT-08 speaker has received a strict, minimalistic design. Its body houses two speakers with a total power of 6 W, as well as a primitive subwoofer. Power supply is possible both from the built-in battery and by means of a USB cable.

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8. Microlab D21 – 1 100 rubles

Portable speaker Microlab D21 with Aliexpress

The bright, sporty novelty will appeal to young people. Among its advantages, it is worth noting especially a capacious battery (up to 6 hours of listening to music), support for the latest wireless technologies and high power – 7 watts.

7. Meidong Miniboom – 1,300 rubles

Portable speaker Meidong Miniboom with Aliexpress

Meidong's six-watt audio center uses Bluetooth as the primary communication channel and features a user-friendly touchscreen control panel. The battery life reaches 8 hours.

6. LV 520-III – 1,500 rubles

Portable speaker LV 520-III

Although the speaker looks like a radio from the 80s, its capabilities are impressive. Three speakers are installed in the elongated body – two are responsible for reproducing the main sound of the left and right channels, the third for low frequencies (bass). The maximum power is 8 watts. Available wireless connection of the device and reading files from external media.

5. Zealot S1 – 1,500 rubles

Portable speaker Zealot S1

Zealot's S1 is a symbiosis of a bicycle headlight, wireless speaker and PowerBank. An irreplaceable thing for tourists and extreme lovers. The device is equipped with one 3W speaker.

4. JBL GO – 1,700 rubles

JBL GO portable speaker

The Chinese company JBL has already gained worldwide fame. Her new wireless speaker, the size of a pack of cigarettes, has a capacious battery and one three-watt speaker.

3. DOSS-1681 – 2,000 rubles

Portable speaker DOSS-1681

The compact body of the novelty from DOSS houses two speakers with a total power of 12 watts. Touch controls, fourth-generation channel Bluetooth, external storage connectors – these are just a few of the 1681 features.

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2. Cowin Swimmer IPX7 – 2,500 rubles

Cowin Swimmer IPX7 Portable Speaker

The Cowin wireless waterproof speaker is compact, lightweight and has a solid power of up to 10 watts. Three diffusers are located around the edges, providing excellent, rich bass; the top panel houses navigation buttons and an animated LED panel.

1. Vaensong A10 – 2 800 rubles

Portable speaker Vaensong A10

But this wireless speaker cannot be called compact. It is not surprising, because in its case there is a full-fledged subwoofer and two stereo speakers with a total power of 10 watts. There is a built-in radio module, a small informative display, connectors for external media, convenient navigation buttons and a volume control. The package includes a remote control.

Do not consider power to be the main criterion when assessing the quality of a column – its functionality, dimensions, autonomy are important. We hope we helped you make the right choice!

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